Anna Matuozzo embodies the creative vision, values, and fusion of sartorial art and aesthetic sensitivity.
It all began in the seventies, in one of the many artisanal workshops in Naples, where between needle, scissors, thread and fabrics, Anna Matuozzo creates with her innate talent unique and innovative styles of men’s shirts appreciated over the years until today by the most elegant men in the city.
In foto: Anna Matuozzo
Each shirt made in the atelier is an Italian garment, handmade with fine fabrics, artisanal expertise, and timeless style.
The art of tailor-made shirts is handed down from generation to generation, with an all-female entrepreneurial spirit and the mission of preserving Italian craftsmanship and the made to measure experience. Simona, Romina and Antonella are the second generation dedicated to the creation of refined men’s shirts combining sartorial tradition and bringing innovation to the company.
We design made to measure shirts with attention to details meeting the needs and style of our clientele. A month of sartorial production is involved to create an elegant, refined and unique garment.

Scissors and patterns, choice of fabrics, definition of details including neckline, cuffs, and buttons are the fundamental steps for the sketch.
personalizzazione abiti su misura

The fabric and the first test 

The fabric is lowered for twelve hours in hot water at a constant temperature, so that it is not affected by future washing. Once dried and ironed, the scissor blade shapes the pattern. Starting from this detail, considered the most important and personalized, the construction of the fitting is set up.
The fitting is worn and perfected on the client’s body. Next, it is dissembled, modified and assembled again and sewn by hand.
polsino e bottone camicia

The Finishing and Customization

The individual parts are added and finished to the body-shirt, with particular attention to the shoulders, worked with the hand stitching technique. The production continues with the finishing of the armholes, the inside of the sleeves, the shaping of the hips, the inside of the neck and wrists, the folds of the hems, the joists and the buttonholes. The shirt takes shape.

Each garment can be personalized with hand-stitched initials upon request.
The buttons are made of fine Australian mother-of-pearl.


The Made to Measure offers the exclusivity of creating a unique garment, tailored upon clients’ requests.
Our service is available at our atelier in Naples and through online consultation.
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