Naples is not only a town. It’s a world.

If we step
into this world,
we have the great
opportunity to admire
wonderful places,
and experience
how beautiful it is
to live here.

Such as the
historical palaces
in Partenope street.


Here it’s possible to enjoy
a breathtaking view of the
Sorrento coast and a unique
landscape of the gulf
of Naples with Capri.


Not far Castel dell’Ovo
is overlooking the sea.

This is my home.
It’s close and exclusive at the same time.

In my spare time, I usually go to
these lovely places I always keep in my heart.



















One of these places is Anna Matuozzo Shirt Factory, where I receive the best advice by Mrs. Anna and her daughter Simona, concerning their latest handmade clothes.

From the beach next
to Palazzo Donn’Anna
there is a wonderful
seaview on the Vesuvio.












It is also great to taste the traditional and original cuisine offering delicious dishes based on local produce.

Especially early in the morning, when the weak rays of the sun begin to light up a new day, I love walking in the village of Marechiaro, which is a really amazing place of this town.