Thread. Needle. Dedication.

A needle and thread. Dedication.
Tradition and innovation combined by skill and creativity.
Naples in the heart and hard work.
This was Mrs Anna Matuozzo, before she became Mrs Anna Matuozzo.

In the seventies, a cute and dynamic woman was practising in the light and shade of a design studio full of sewing machines, where ideas aimed to be transformed into patterns. If you had passed through there and you had asked who she was, almost certainly someone would have answered: “she is a shirt maker…”
Time passed. Thanks to her hard work she begins to get good results, and her name becomes more and more famous among those customers who can appreciate elegance.
In the eighties, she creates her most refined works, which are considered unique and inestimable, as it is clear they have been created with love and dedication.

Her collection is later enriched by some gifts she can mostly be proud of, her three daughters: Simona, Romina and Antonella.

Time goes by. Times change, but not the commitment of clipping and sewing fabrics, in order to create those pieces of clothing you have the feeling they are special when you wear them, and that give you also the feeling they are all what you really wish to put on.

It is not easy to summarize how these results have been achieved. We might talk about complex style techniques, or we might deeply analyze how every refinement is made, if it is handmade according to the rules of the old teachings and then supported by the latest techniques of handcrafted cut…

…sure, we might… but our skin, our shoulders could give us an answer: simply putting on a piece of clothing made by Mrs Anna Matuozzo, our body is able to feel immediately forty years of passionate and hard work.

No surface gilding.  Only comfort and pleasure. Excellent fabrics that have been extraordinarily worked. This is our job.

A needle and thread. Dedication. Tradition and innovation combined by skill and creativity.
Naples in the heart and hard work.

Experience. Method. Elegance. A unique style.

This is Anna Matuozzo. This is our story.

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