It takes time for every creation: seven days for the universe, nine months of pregnancy for having a baby, three years for the Sistine Chapel.

How long does it take to make a shirt?

Only one day. Or even better, it takes few hours for an industrial machinery to produce a dozen of them, which are all the same and they are created for a not precise target of customers.

But how long does it take to make the piece of clothing that will belong only to you, whose finishing touch you can appreciate, which is able to meet your special needs and it is also extraordinarily beautiful?

In other words, how long does it take to make the shirt?

1 month.

The fabric is kept twelve hours in warm water at a steady temperature, so it will not be damaged in further washing.

Then, it is dried and pressed. The prototype is later created by clipping the fabric for shaping the collar, which is the most important and personal detail.

A first proof is now useful for the customer, who has to put it on for the first time, in order to see on his own body if both aesthetic and practical refinements are needed.

It is a very long and intensive work. The shirt maker, this artist of scissors and patterns, sits patiently at her working table for planning every detail, especially for creating the detail of elegance.

First of all, she has to choose the fabric, and the required patterns of collar, cuffs, and buttons will have to suit with it.

Now the sketch is ready, but it still takes many steps for transforming an idea into a real piece of clothing that will be worn by someone.

The proof pattern is unstitched. Now we see strips of fabric, but they mean something more only in the artist’s imagination. Thanks to her own experience, the shirt maker uses her creativity and skill for working.

The single parts are perfected and added to the shirt, giving special attention to the shoulders, which are perfected with the so-called “half a stitch”; and then the strip of fabric between the shirt and the collar, the armhole and the internal sleeve.

A special attention is also given for sewing and shaping the sides, the internal collar and the cuffs, the folds of the hems, the structural supports – which connect and strengthen the sleeves – and the buttonholes.

The handmade shirt is taking shape. Last but not the least, the initials are added, giving a high level of elegance to the shirt. According to the personal style, they can be hand-stitched.

Even here creativity can help, because we can choose between small or capital letters, italic or block letters, they can be in double colours or with nuances.

For the buttons, instead, we advise only the best Australian nacre.

1 month have passed and the shirt is ready.

This creation is now part of the world.
In every detail we can feel the artistic spirit of the Neapolitan shirt factory.